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EnhanceWave for Intimate Wellness

Intimate Wellness is a sensitive topic for men and women alike, and as a result, concerns will often go ignored while the patient quietly suffers in silence. For a man, that may look like erectile dysfunction affecting his confidence, marriage, and life. For a woman, it may be urinary incontinence, making her self-conscious and inhibiting her desire to exercise. These issues are much more common than we think. In fact, over 50% of men will experience some form of ED and urinary incontinence plagues over 50% of women in the US.

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Erectile Dysfunction

EnhanceWave is a well-known safe, holistic, non-invasive, and effective treatment Male ED. EnhanceWave utilizes acoustic waves to treat the root cause of ED, poor blood flow. EnhanceWave breaks down plaque buildup, naturally increasing blood flow. The acoustic waves cause microtraumas, promoting the growth of new vessels and nerves, maximizing size, sensitivity, and overall experience.

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Male ED Testimonials

“I wasn’t sure if this treatment would work for a man of my age but I was willing to give it a try to help with my ED.  I was struggling with getting erections period.  By my 4th Enhancewave treatment I was getting morning erections again for the first time in 10 years and by the 6th treatment the blood flow and function was much improved.  I am very happy with my results and I am planning on coming back in as needed for more treatments.”  

Male, Age 79

“My wife loved her EnhanceWave results and wanted me to get some treatments to help prevent any early stages of ED. I didn’t really have an issue getting or maintaining an erection but my sensitivity and orgasms were slowly declining so I thought I might as well get some treatments.  By my 4th treatment my wife and I could visually see growth in both length and girth.  EnhanceWave helped my blood flow and increased the sensitivity a lot.  I am glad I got this treatment done and I plan on keeping up with my results as needed.”   

Male, Age 45

My wife and I wanted to get a few treatments and see what this technology was all about.   I was extremely impressed with how much more sensitivity I had after only 2 treatments.  My wife really suffered from a weak pelvic floor and doing these treatments really helped us both. We are so glad we come to Enhance Lives and we encourage every couple to do this together to strengthen their intimacy.

Male, Age 35

I have been struggling with ED for about 7 years now. I have looked into getting acoustic wave therapy for the last 3 years but just couldn’t afford it.  I was blown away when I saw a special at Enhance Lives! I called and made an appointment as soon as I could. The staff was so nice and listed to my concerns even when I told them that I wouldn’t be able to afford more treatments. I noticed results with that first treatment and as soon as I got my tax return, I bought a 6 pack of more treatments. I think Enhance Lives has the best approach and really sets their patients up for success.  I am very pleased with my results. Thank you Enhance Lives!!!   

Male, Age 57

Female Intimacy

For women, EnhanceWave is a breakthrough, non-invasive, and comprehensive treatment for urine incontinence and sexual dysfunction. The regenerative effects of EnhanceWave treatments restore pelvic floor tone, the root cause of urine incontinence. EnhanceWave also safely and effectively treats sexual dysfunction, improving the following:

  • Urine Incontinence
  • Natural lubrication
  • Sensitivity
  • Laxity
  • Loss of volume
  • Painful sex

Female Intimacy Testimonials

“I am thrilled with my results from my EnhanceWave treatment. I have 4 children and couldn’t control my bladder at the gym, and it was so embarrassing.  I would literally pee my pants daily. After 6 treatments of EnhanceWave and a few intimacy shots, I’m a new woman down there. So very thrilled and grateful to feel human again. The peeing/leaking is completely gone.  I’ve tried other treatments at different clinics, but never got the results I was hoping for.  Thank you Enhance lives for saving me. I cannot recommend this treatment enough.”

Female, Age 48

“Okay so I am super honest and real. I have had what I thought would tighten my inners up at 2 other places that both used different devices. I was hesitant to do this because those didn’t do what I wanted. But I tried EnhanceWave. I have only done 1 of the 6 sessions, but you guys immediately after my first session I could physically see the difference!! I am stoked for my next session! If you are on the fence, just DO it!! I will shout this from the roof tops!” 

Female, Age 44

“Impressed with the results of just one treatment. The staff made me feel comfortable through the whole process. I’ve been telling everyone about this treatment!”  

Female, Age 29

“My friend from tennis recommended this clinic to me because she knew I struggled with a weak pelvic floor. I would have to change my pad in the middle of the games because it was so bad.  I was amazed how well it worked and by the 4th treatment I didn’t even need to wear a pad to play tennis anymore. I never had any pain or downtime just great results.  I sent my husband in to get treatments as well for preventative and he has loved his results as well.”  

Female, Age 49

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