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About Us

Our Vision

As the experts in redefined integrative wellness, we are:


About enhancing lives and relationships through personalized treatment plans that produce life-changing results.


To providing the highest standard of patient care, education, and result-driven outcomes.


To delivering an exceptional patient experience.

Meet Our Founders

William Hamlin

William brings true passion to the team. After struggling to find solutions to his own health problems, he sought to create a resource for others that would streamline the journey that took him over 20 years. His life and health has truly changed after his own utilizations of the procedures Enhance Lives offers, and now they are readily available to others.

Jessica Mulligan

Jessica has always had a passion for helping people feel their best through root-cause solutions. She has a wealth of knowledge in the holistic wellness space and loves educating others on the life-changing alternative solutions that are available to them. That is her “why” at Enhance Lives and she feels lucky that she is able to turn her passion into purpose, every single day. In her down time, Jessica loves spending time with her family, going to the beach, practicing yoga, and exploring the latest alternative health and wellness modalities.

Shahnoz Rustamova, MD

Dr. Rustamova is an award-winning OBGYN and trusted expert in women's health and wellness. She is board certified and trained in high-risk OBGYN and Trauma, currently practicing and teaching at Mt. Sinai Medical in NYC. Dr. Rustamova is also a pioneer in the med spa industry, as she was one of the first to implement aesthetics to medical practice. With that, she expanded to seeing male patients, as well.
At Enhance Lives, Dr. Rustamova provides a unique, high level of patient care, successfully combining western medicine with ancient, holistic approaches. Her philosophy is to stimulate and utilize the body's innate potential to heal and balance itself first, through the use of technology (i.e. EnhanceWave), alternative integrative methods, and mainstream medicine, when necessary. As Chief Medical Officer of Enhance Lives, Dr. Rustamova is excited to continue changing the lives of our patients with her extensive expertise and well-rounded approach.

Alana Zander

Alana is a distinguished holistic health specialist with a keen interest in promoting health and wellness. After completing her studies at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, she has made it her mission to empower individuals in achieving optimal well-being. By exemplifying a healthy lifestyle, Alana is dedicated to assisting others in their journey towards enhanced health and happiness.

Kelly Hamlin

Kelly’s 'why' at Enhance Lives is patient advocacy, providing a bold voice for both men and women in the wellness space. Vitality doesn't have to lessen or fade away, simply due to age, and Kelly's advocacy speaks to that. She provides our patients with support and resources, ensuring the best possible outcome for each individual patient.

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